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It is undeniable that, We the People, are currently living at a point in our country's history that is unprecedented. Simply put, we are in a battle which will determine the future direction of America, and whether or not it will continue to remain the land of the free. This battle isn't being fought with military or guns. It is not a battle about race. It is not a battle between rich and poor. It is a battle of ideologies, and the winner will take it all. What is at stake is everything that has made America great. Whether we can rule ourselves, with the right to live our lives how we see fit, or whether the government will be the decision maker for all of us, will ultimately be decided by the outcome of this battle. There isn't a need to define the battle lines. They've already been drawn. There isn't a need to define the enemy. We already know who they are. They are completely visible and full of confidence after years of us remaining silent and subdued, which they have defined as weakness.

Up to now, this has been a one sided battle. We have been attacked from all directions trying to tear down the basic aspects of who we've been and still are. Attacks on God, prayer, family, guns, and now without question our economic base are are all classic tactics used to force masses of people into a reliance on the aristocrats running government. They have forced their way into public education in order to manipulate the ideals of our children and define what is being taught. They make sure to keep the race and class cards in play segmenting the populations, making it harder to organize a united people. They carefully craft their speeches to present an image of caring, and masterfully play on the emotions to achieve the outcomes they desire. But it is all smoke and mirrors. They understand exactly what they are doing. Everything they do is designed to make people dependent on the government and ultimately themselves.

They believe, and say so, that we are uneducated, uninformed, uncompassionate, and are too simple to know how everything really works. They believe in regulating our businesses and infrastucture's to a level that they cannot function. They believe in big government, high taxes, and complete control. They believe that only they know what's best. We are simply the tools and money by which they will accomplish it. They have infiltrated our culture, our media, our schools, our government, and our courts with a slow, steady methodology that has worked so well, they believe they've already won. This belief will be their undoing.

It is true that we have been silent and subdued. We've been busy going to schools, trying to succeed in our careers, raising our families, and working hard for the American Dream. But it's time we introduce ourselves, and exactly what WE Believe.


And they're wrong if they think we're gonna let anybody ruin it. We Believe in God. We live our lives based on the religions and values that have made this country the greatest country in the world. We Believe in Family. We will protect our families future at all cost, including our elderly. We Believe in America and what it represents around the world and are tired of supposed leaders implying that "this country is the evil empire" that must adhere to the rest of the worlds views. We know we have been the leader for freedom throughout the world and consider any other view traitorous. We Believe in Freedom. We live our lives based on the freedom to dream big, create our own destiny, and live how we see fit. We feel the noose of a controlling government tightening, and know we have to cut the rope. We Believe in Prayer, where and when we see the need. Including schools, in public, and know our politicians must have the right to exercise their religious beliefs whenever and wherever they see it as appropriate. Separation of church and state is being used to undermine everything this country has stood for and needs to come to a halt. We Believe in Charity. We give more around the world per person than any other nation. We just don't believe charity is a lifestyle choice offered through the government. We need to build people's lives up, not keep them down. We Believe in our guns and the right to bear arms. Gun control has nothing to do with violence and crime. It's just part of the control that socialists always include in their takeovers. Everyone has to understand this and not be seduced by the emotional stories of tragedy. We Believe in low taxes. The greed of our governments has never been more evident than today. We Believe in small government which would automatically cut the rope, and lower taxes.

It's fine if they want to call us The Tea Party, but they are mistaken if they believe we are the right-wing extreme fringe of the Republican Party. The Tea Party was the spark. We are the Firestorm. We are the farmers, ranchers, miners of coal, drillers of oil, soldiers, factory workers, restaurant workers, truckers, sales people, business owners, health care workers, people with vision, immigrants that still dream, democrats that that can no longer ignore the change in what being a democrat stood for, people that have finally understood they are being used as pawns for others gain.... and as Trace Adkins new song says, there's "More of Us". And we will no longer be silent and subdued.

The days of living our lives concerned primarily with our own daily comfort and security have come and gone. History is telling us that everything we have believed in must NOW be protected or lost. There is no more time. There is no more time to talk about what the problems are. We know what they are. There is no more time to discuss what the intentions of people really are. We can see that too. There is no more time to get caught up in the emotional rhetoric of our enemies. Are we really that stupid? They believe so. We understand that compromise, and reaching across the aisle, only means destruction. This is a battle, and just like all the battles we've ever fought, our enemies don't play by the rules, and they don't ever compromise. EVER! You don't win battles or wars by compromising. You win by totally devastating those that want to bring you harm. That includes the enemies within, too. We are being called to action. Not violent rebellion, but definite action. We need and like the America we stand for, and believe in. The world needs America, too. Most of the world hasn't had the luxury of the prosperity and freedom we have become spoiled with. But, they know what is at stake here. Imagine the world with the USSA in it. The United Socialist States of America. Do not believe for a second this isn't where we are headed as a nation.

As far as us being the RIGHT WING. Of course we are. We are right. And of course we are the Red States. What else could we be since the country we believe in and the religion we live by were both born through the shedding of blood.

If I Wanted America to Fail

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"We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it"

Actually said by Nancy Pelosi before her and President Obama forced National Health Care onto the American people.


Where Are All The Jobs?

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Young Republican National Federation

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We Believe in...

Our Guns
Low Taxes
Small Government

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Sunday, November 23, 2014